The Comprehensive, Practical and Genuinely Helpful Guide for Parents of Colicky Babies

Is your baby unsettled, fussy and crying for hours?  When your baby won’t stop crying you need fast, practical answers.

If you’ve been told that “colic does not exist” or “there’s nothing you can do” or if an expert has told you that there’s only ONE way to ‘fix’ colic and that didn’t work for your baby, this is the book for you.  

In this sanity-saving book, Jen Lester brings together all the information that parents need to help their baby stop screaming.  Cutting through all the confusion, misinformation and product sales pitches, Jen brings clarity to the colic debate for the first time.

Drawing on the latest medical research, Survivor's Guide to Colic gives you the information you need about powerful settling techniques as well as your options to address the underlying cause/s of colic.


Wrapping a baby up snugly simulates the pressure and environment that babies were familiar with in the womb.  A comprehensive review of all the scientific studies on swaddling published in 2007 concluded that in general swaddled babies arouse less and sleep longer. 

Jen's Blog

Jen regularly blogs about all things colic from tips and tricks for dealing with colic to key information that every parent of a colicky baby should know.  Here's the latest:

Does Your Baby Have Colic?

Is your baby crying for hours at a time?  Are you wondering whether it is colic?  Or have you just been told that your baby has colic and you want to know more about what it is? 

Colic has been estimated to affect between 5% and 40% of babies. Read more about the symptoms of colic and what it is.

Someone Who’s Been There!

Jen Lester’s introduction to motherhood was ROUGH – her little boy suffered terribly from Colic.  This led her on an exhaustive quest for answers. 

In the process she discovered that there are solutions out there and she wanted to share that with other new parents.