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Wrapping a baby up snugly simulates the pressure and environment that babies were familiar with in the womb.  A comprehensive review of all the scientific studies on swaddling published in 2007 concluded that in general swaddled babies arouse less and sleep longer. 

I’d like to talk about shaken baby syndrome.  I want to bring out into the open the bad things that can happen when your gorgeous bundle of newborn joy… just isn’t joyful.  I know that its taboo, that it may feel like ‘tempting fate’… but I believe that the consequences of not talking about it are even scarier. 


When babies go red in the face and strain to pass a poo, it is common for parents to wonder if their little one has constipation.  Its also very common to wonder whether the latest contents of your baby's nappy is "normal".  Check out the latest blog for answers.

If you’re the parent of an unsettled baby, chances are you’ve already taken to Google and discovered a whole range of products that claim to be the most effective sound to help settle your baby – so how do you figure out what sound works best?

I just read a new colic development that was so exciting & interesting I wanted to share it with you straight away...

Since our son started daycare, for the last couple of months we’ve been sick, pretty much non-stop.  What are your tips for avoiding the dreaded daycare lurgies?

The latest study on probiotics was published yesterday (1st April 2014), but sadly it wasn’t an April Fools joke.  It appears to dash the hopes previously held for probiotics as a treatment for infant colic.  This Australian based study of 167 breast-fed and formula fed infants found that the group of colicky babies that received the probiotics actually cried MORE than the control group.  So what gives?!

Yesterday I shared my top 5 tips for “Surviving (and Thriving) in Mothers’ Group” – the common theme in the comments to that article really blew me away!

Following on from some of the recent annecdotes on the Facebook page, I thought it was a great opportunity to give you some more info about chiropractic treatment for babies with colic.

Check out why the term ‘fussy babies’ really gets Jen’s goat and why sometimes even powerful advanced settling techniques might not work