Daycare GermFest

For the last couple of months or so we’ve been sick, pretty much non-stop. 

There was gastro bout #1,

followed by cold #1,

followed by croup (VERY scary),

followed by gastro bout #2,

and now cold #2 (a nasty one). 

That’s a lot of bugs in a short space of time…

My gorgeous hubby has a turbo-charged immune system, so he’s managed to fight off most of the lurgies, which was lucky because he’s done a fabulous job of looking after Oli and I while we bore the full brunt.

I have to admit that at this point we’re all feeling rather run down.  Once upon a time, in the land before children, when you were sick you could just curl up in bed for a few days with a book or a DVD and generally feel sorry for yourself.  Looking back, uninterrupted time to just ‘be sick’ seems like such a luxury, doesn't it?  Now there’s a little one to take care of, no matter how you’re feeling, and when that poor little one is crook too then you’re up through the night caring for him (so you’re extra tired, run down and more susceptible to catching the next bug). 

We were warned to expect it… not that a warning really helps much. 

When the dollars start to run down, its time to go back to work.  And when its time to go back to work, for most people that means finding childcare (unless you’re lucky enough to have alternatives).   

We were incredibly lucky with the daycare centre that we happened to get a space at, it’s a wonderful co-operative staffed with enthusiastic educators and an environment that’s perfect for our little “explorer”.  Oli goes 3 days a week and he absolutely LOVES it.  I didn’t have particularly strong views about daycare prior to this, in our case it was simply necessary, but after watching how much it has helped his development and the incredible range of activities he enjoys there, I’m a definite convert! 

But, this whole constantly being sick thing is the pits! Truth is, I am really knackered and I just can’t face the thought of picking up yet another bug.  So, I’d REALLY love to hear your ideas/tips/suggestions for avoiding catching the daycare lurgies! 

Is there ANYTHING you can do???  (Other than the obvious basic hygiene practices, including not sending him back to daycare until he’s better, of course).  Or is this just a rite of passage that we all have to endure at some point?  Either you go through it in daycare or at the start of school?

And if theres nothing you can do – I’d love to hear any other tips on caring for a sick 1 year old or anything that entertained your little one while they were sick or tempted them to eat when their usual favourites aren’t working.

Take care out there,