Never Read an eBook Before?
(Or do you need a refresher on how to do this?)


Why Buy An eBook? There’s three key benefits:

  1. You can get an eBook instantly.
  2. eBooks are much cheaper than physical books.  The USD RRP for the eBook is $8.99, but the hardcopy USD RRP will be $19.95.
  3. The paperback isn’t available yet – The process of getting a physical book printed takes a lot longer than getting an eBook out (the paperback hasn’t been released yet).  We were conscious that some parents are having a really rough time, so we wanted to get you the book as quickly as we could. 

Do I need to have a special device/eReader to read an eBook?

No.  You can read an eBook on any computer, iPhone, iPad, android tablet or android phone.

Here's a step by step guide on how to read Survivor's Guide to Colic now:

1. Decide which device you want to use (eg computer, iPad, phone, etc)
Find you preferred device in the left hand column of the table below.

Remember many of the platforms will let you read the book on multiple devices: for example you can read an iBook on your Mac, your iPad and your iPhone and you only have to buy it once.

2. Choose a store (eg Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, etc)
The table below tells you which platforms you can choose from use for your device.

3. Download the software (if needed)
You may need to download the free software – for example if you have an iPad/iPhone and want to buy from Amazon you need to download the Kindle App from the App Store.  Alternatively, if you want to use iBooks, the software will already be on your device.  

We've made it really easy to download the software, just click on the tick that matches your device and your preferred store.  That will take you straight to a webpage for that store where you can download their software for free.

4. Buy Survivor’s Guide to Colic from your chosen store
The right hand side of the website has logos for each of the stores.  Just click on your preferred store and it will take you directly to the book in your chosen store. Follow the prompts in that store to buy the book.

Amazon Apple iTunes Kobo Barnes & Noble Google Play
Windows PC

Apple Mac


Android (phone/tablet)

Web Browser



TIP: The ✓ link to the software required

♯ - iBooks is part of OSX Mavericks