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Reviewed by The Baby

Many parents who have babies with colic have experienced those sleepless nights, week after week and sometimes month after month. They hear their child crying in pain and they feel that their is nothing that they can do about it. You know this little baby is, deep down inside, a happy one. They just cannot express themselves because of the pain that they’re feeling. Then, there is you, the parent. Exhausted, out of options, wanting to take away your child’s pain and wishing to just get one hour of uninterrupted sleep.

Some parents are told that colic, in fact does not exist. After a desperate trip to the doctor’s office, some let you know that their is little you can do. Author Jen Lester has been there and she has the answers with her new book: A Survivor’s Guide to Colic.

We first have to mention that since Jen has been there, it makes it even more easy to relate! She has made this easy to read guide an easy aid for the parent who has not a lot of time on their hands but desperately needs answers… QUICKLY.  

Assuring the wary parent that their is a light at the end of the tunnel, this book can be your life saver! Here are some of our personal favourites:

We love the diagrams that accompanies some great ways to swaddle your baby, the fact that each idea has an alternative point of view and Jen’s point of view and the amount of ideas it explores as to why your baby has colic. There is no judgement, only understanding. This book gives the parent to be permission to relax, relate and revise the way they deal with a colicy baby. We believe these results will bring so many babies (and parents too!) the relief they need and deserve. Now, you can enjoy your new baby and allow your little one to bond with family and friends and begin your road as new parents!

Reviewed by Mummy, Wife, Me

Let me put it simply, if you have a baby who is crying for hours on end for days at a time, then you need to check out Jen Lester’s Survivor’s Guide to Colic. Don’t just wait out those first 12 weeks as some suggest, there are things you can do now to make life easier.

Jen is a mother who has been there before. She also happens to be a clever clogs who has done her research on colic to bring us desperate parents in our time of need easy to understand facts and survival tips.

Her comprehensive guide on colic includes baby whisperer settling secrets and magic techniques. It discusses the causes of colic and how to diagnose it, and offers a range of solutions to address those causes. Jen goes into detail with each of her techniques, what they involve, why they work and how they can work for you.

The thing I love about this book is that Jen has written it as though she is talking directly to you, her friend. Her words seem to reach out beyond the book to lend you support. Jen acknowledges the feelings you experience as a parent of an excessively crying baby. She makes you feel normal to have those feelings and gives you hope that things can improve.

Jen also knows that you are a parent of a newborn and don’t have time to read an encyclopedia on colic or wade through conflicting advice. She gives you the information you need to help stop your baby crying in a simple, no-nonsense way.

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Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite

Rating: 5.0 stars ★★★★★

If you are living through or have ever had to live through the hell of colic, then Survivor’s Guide to Colic is specially designed for you. Jen Lester has put together a no-nonsense, but unassuming masterpiece when it comes to helping you survive one of the most difficult issues that can arise with that sweet little bundle of joy that has suddenly turned into a wailing demon. She supplies you with techniques to help settle your baby, which will likely keep you from losing your mind before you are able to continue to the other methods that will help rid you and your child of this horrible nightmare. Jen discusses all of the possible underlying causes without accusing you of failing as a parent, and also discusses the positive and negative options involved in fixing the problem in order to help you decide what to do. Jen also works to undo many of the myths that go along with colic and takes a calm and professional approach to both sides of the arguments about the causes of colic. She uses medical evidence to back up her approach and helps you to be assured that this period will pass and can pass sooner rather than later by utilizing some of the techniques that she shares.

Horse whisperers step aside, the baby whisperer has arrived! Jen Lester has put together a book that ought to be passed out along with all of the other pregnancy and baby books that have traditionally been a part of the expectant mother's library. Survivor’s Guide to Colic uses an approach that is both gentle and informative. Jen doesn’t send parents on a guilt trip, but instead tries to calm the storming seas rather than add to the frustration. Using her own experience as well as a mountain of medical research, Jen has truly dedicated herself to helping others get through the frustration of this most difficult time. Read it, have it ready for quick reference and pass it on to others. Survivor’s Guide to Colic is not only essential reading for expecting and new parents, but mandatory.

Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite

Rating: 5.0 stars ★★★★★

Does your baby cry excessively? I’m not talking about crying because they are hungry, need a diaper changed, tired and sleepy or just crying for a few minutes at a time, but for hours and nothing you do helps? Then you are probably dealing with a case of colic. In this book, Survivor's Guide to Colic, author Jen Lester tells you everything you need to know about colic and the effects it has on your baby as well as yourself and your family. She gives statistics about the numbers of babies who have colic, how to know if your baby has colic, the symptoms and treatments, and other things you can do when your baby is suffering from this painful condition. Ms. Lester also goes through many reasons that could cause a baby to have colic, including a chapter on Jen’s View About What Causes Colic. Why is Jen Lester’s book about colic so special? Because she is writing from real life experience, as well as doing extensive research on this subject.

If your baby suffers with colic, or you know someone who has a baby suffering with this condition, Survivor's Guide to Colic is a MUST! How different my life would have been had this book been written years ago when my son suffered many weeks with colic. One thing I like about this book is that Ms. Lester explains what is going on with your baby, and helps you to understand how to deal with your baby and the excessive crying. She gives wonderful, practical, and helpful tips that will assist you, your baby, and your family. This comprehensive book contains tons of the most valuable information you will find about how you and your baby can survive the colic. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a baby, or anyone who is around babies a lot. You need Survivor's Guide to Colic.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Rating: 5.0 stars ★★★★★

Survivor's Guide to Colic - Solutions for Crying Babies from Someone Who's Been There by Jen Lester is the perfect book for sleep-deprived parents of newborn babies. It is a useful book where the author has compiled all the necessary information for parents dealing with crying and screaming babies. Colic babies are tough to manage and here the author speaks in detail about the whys of it and medical evidence that supports it. This is helpful for parents to find a solution for their baby and their family. The book also throws light on how to handle colicky babies and the pros and cons of each option help you decide on what is suitable for you.

Parenting is a rewarding experience and this book makes it rewarding for parents of colic babies who find it tough to handle their babies. Colic symptoms are also put down so it is easy for first time parents to understand whether they are handling a colic baby. The book speaks about a range of issues like herbal remedies, gripe water, constipation, swaddling, baby massage, lactose intolerance etc. The author has put forth the required details in a sequential and orderly way. That makes it easy for parents and readers to understand. Each chapter deals extensively with the topic and the author also covers the topic of what can cause colic. The topic is handled with a lot of clarity and that makes the book a must-read for parents dealing with colicky babies.

Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Rating: 5.0 stars ★★★★★

Survivor’s Guide to Colic by Jen Lester is a mother's guide to handling the difficult first months of motherhood when the baby suffers from colic. No mother wants to see their new baby crying, but unfortunately real life kicks that hope out. It is estimated that about 95% of babies who cry for prolonged periods suffer from colic, with only 5% crying due to other medical conditions. Jen Lester advises the importance of always consulting a doctor to rule out any other medical issues and then gives tips on how to handle every mother's nightmare, colic. The book contains tried and tested techniques and tips from mothers and medical practitioners on how to help your baby cope with colic. It also has a ton of useful information, like tips on settling the baby, that will be useful to a mother whether their baby has colic or not.

Survivor’s Guide to Colic by Jen Lester is a very informative and practical book that aims at equipping parents with knowledge on colic and how best to deal with this problem. The book contains easy to master techniques from a mother who has been there. The book deals with the issue from all angles, giving different tips and techniques, pointing out the myths and facts about colic, symptoms of colic, and what works and what does not and why. It also gives tips to mothers on how to manage the stress and frustration that comes with failing to make your baby feel better. Reading this book gives you the feeling of a mother talking to another mother; it has that easy personal touch.

Reader Reviews:

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Brilliant ★★★★★
by BillieJanet - Feb 14, 2014
Absolutely phenomenal. Felt like a friend talking to me about what i was going through with my baby! Try the techniques religiously. I find that the research tied up with everything the author said. Fantastic read even if you are just pregnant. I felt that the author reiterates a lot of the main topics and trust me it makes it sink in!

iTunes Australia:
What a godsend! ★★★★★
by OzDaddy - Feb 15, 2014
I purchased this book because it was recommended by a friend. My son had been crying for 3 and even 5 hours with colic at a time and we were really struggling to settle him. Then enters Jen’s book, our saviour! It was really easy to read and provided a balance view of the available options. We were able to go through each option till we found something that worked. In the meantime her ‘magic’ settling technique is, well, magic! If your child has colic, read this book!

Amazon Australia:
5.0 out of 5 stars ★★★★★
Must read for new and expecting parents, 9 February 2014

Colic can be such a difficult issue for new parents. However 'Survivor's Guide to Colic' arms parents with the knowledge to identify symptoms and take action. This is a fantastic and informative read. Jen has used simple, easy to follow language and structure. A must read for all new and expecting parents.

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5.0 out of 5 stars ★★★★★

A must have for parents of a colicky baby!, February 16, 2014
By Dave G. 
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This review is from: Survivor's Guide to Colic: Solutions for Crying Babies from Someone Who's Been There (Kindle Edition)
I love this book! For anyone with a baby that cries excessively I would highly recommend checking this out. Colic is a frustrating and confusing experience for parents that is made even more frustrating by the lack of information available about it. This book very successfully and concisely lays out what colic is, how to identify it in your child, where and how to seek help, and it presents detailed instructions on how to calm your baby, complete with illustrations. One important thing that this book highlights is the fact that colic, although difficult to manage, is temporary, and that you should not be discouraged. When it comes to colic, this author has been there. Give these ideas a try, I guarantee they will work for you!