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"There is no judgement, only understanding.  This book gives the parent to be permission to relax, relate and revise the way they deal with a colicy baby.  We believe these results will bring so many babies (and parents too!) the relief they need and deserve.  Now, you can enjoy your new baby and allow your little one to bond with family and friends and begin your road as new parents!"

"The thing I love about this book is that Jen has written it as though she is talking directly to you, her friend. Her words seem to reach out beyond the book to lend you support.  Jen acknowledges the feelings you experience as a parent of an excessively crying baby.  She makes you feel normal to have those feelings and gives you hope that things can improve."

★★★★★ "She gives wonderful, practical, and helpful tips that will assist you, your baby, and your family.  This comprehensive book contains tons of the most valuable information you will find about how you and your baby can survive the colic. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a baby, or anyone who is around babies a lot. You need Survivor's Guide to Colic." Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favourite

★★★★★ “Absolutely phenomenal. Felt like a friend talking to me about what I was going through with my baby!” BillieJanet, via iTunes UK 

★★★★★ “A no-nonsense, but unassuming masterpiece when it comes to helping you survive one of the most difficult issues that can arise with that sweet little bundle of joy that has suddenly turned into a wailing demon…

“Using her own experience as well as a mountain of medical research, Jen has truly dedicated herself to helping others get through the frustration of this most difficult time…. Survivor’s Guide to Colic is not only essential reading for expecting and new parents, but mandatory.” Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite

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★★★★★ “A must-read for parents dealing with colicky babies” Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

★★★★★ “Her ‘magic’ settling technique is, well, magic! If your child has colic, read this book!” OzDaddy via iTunes Australia

★★★★★ “Reading this book gives you the feeling of a mother talking to another mother; it has that easy personal touch” Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

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About the Book

The Comprehensive, Practical and Genuinely Helpful Guide for Parents of Colicky Babies

Is your baby unsettled, fussy and crying for hours?  When your baby won’t stop crying you need fast, practical answers.  

If you’ve been told that “colic does not exist” or “there’s nothing you can do” or if an expert has told you that there’s only ONE way to ‘fix’ colic and that didn’t work for your baby, this is the book for you.  

In this sanity-saving book, Jen Lester brings together all the information that parents need to help their baby stop screaming.  Cutting through all the confusion, misinformation and product sales pitches, Jen brings clarity to the colic debate for the first time.

Survivor’s Guide to Colic clearly explains the main theories about the causes of colic and covers your options to prevent or reduce colic.  For each option, Jen clearly explains:

  • who thinks it works and why;
  • who disagrees and why;
  • any medical evidence to back up each viewpoint; and
  • her own conclusion after reading the latest medical research and going through it herself.

This will empower you as parents, to find the right solution/s for your family.

This comprehensive book includes baby whisperer settling secrets that you can use right now to help your settle your baby.  It explains the key settling elements, as well as advanced techniques that are particularly effective when dealing with hard to settle colicky babies.

Jen Lester draws on the latest medical research to explain:

  • Powerful settling techniques to help your baby right now.
  • A full range of options to address the underlying cause/s of colic.
  • The pros and cons of each option, to help you decide what to try.
  • What IS colic anyway?
  • Why there is so much argument about what causes colic.
  • That colic is NOT caused by stressed-out parents.

Survivor’s Guide to Colic also gives you the lowdown on a range of issues that parents of colicky babies often wonder about including burping, baby massage, lactose intolerance and other food allergies, reflux, changing formulas, probiotics, herbal remedies, gripe water, lactase drops, overstimulation, constipation, swaddling, white noise and other calming sounds etc.

Easy to read for new, sleep-deprived parents

Confused by all the Conflicting Information about Colic?

When you are a tired parent of an unsettled baby, it seems like all the information out there is conflicting and inconsistent.  It can be incredibly frustrating when all you want to do is help your baby.

The reason for the conflicting information is that there is fierce disagreement between experts about what causes colic and how to treat it.  It is also complicated because different babies appear to respond to different techniques/solutions. 

Survivor’s Guide to Colic cuts through this confusion and clearly explains the main theories about the causes of colic.  It also covers all your options to prevent or reduce colic.  For each option, Jen clearly explains:

  • who thinks it works and why;
  • who disagrees and why;
  • any medical evidence to back up each viewpoint; and
  • her own conclusion after reading the latest medical research and going through it herself.

This will empower you as parents, to find the right solution/s for your family.

Commonly Asked Questions

Parents of colicky babies often have lots of questions.  Sometimes burning questions.  You might be wondering if your question will be covered by the book, so we have put together a list of common questions and grouped them by topic.

The book covers all these issues and more.

What is Normal?

  • My baby cries a lot, but how do I know if it is colic?
  • How many hours a day is ‘normal’ for a baby to cry?
  • Is my baby crying like this because I’m anxious or stressed? (No)
  • Is it normal for a baby to pass wind (fart) like this?

Settling Techniques

  • My fussy baby seems to resist all attempts to soothe her – is that normal?
  • What are the best, most effective, settling techniques I can try?
  • Will swaddling help a colicky baby?
  • How do I swaddle my baby and are there different options?
  • What kinds of sounds or white noise help babies the most?
  • Why does my colicky baby refuse to take a dummy/pacifier?

What is Colic?

  • What are the main theories about what causes colic?
  • Why do some people say colic does not exist or there’s no such thing as colic?
  • Why do experts argue about what causes colic?
  • Why do experts argue about what to do to help with colic?
  • Why do some people say there’s nothing that will help colic?


  • Will burping help with colic?
  • How do I burp my baby well?
  • What are the best burping techniques?
  • What do I do when the burp won’t come up?

Other things I’ve heard of:

  • Do different bottles (such as bottles with active or positive flow) help with colic?
  • Could my baby be lactose intolerant?
  • Could my diet be contributing or causing my baby’s crying?
  • Is my baby allergic to my milk?
  • Would a different formula help?
  • Are there herbal remedies that help colic?
  • Do lactase drops help babies with colic?
  • Will probiotics stop my baby crying?
  • My friend said that gripe water can cure colic, is that right? Does gripe water work?
  • Does infacol/infant’s friend work?
  • I’ve heard that overfeeding or feeding too often can contribute to colic – is that right?
  • Can overstimulation cause colic?
  • Is the crying happening because my baby is overtired?
  • What can I do if my baby is overstimulated?
  • Does baby massage help with fussy babies? If so, what massage techniques can I use?
  • I’m wondering if it is constipation because my baby always goes red in the face and seems to be straining?
  • I’m wondering if my baby's crying is caused by reflux instead because my baby often possets?
  • Could my baby’s crying really be caused by allergies?

Remember: there are other medical conditions that can cause excessive crying in infants, so it is important to see a doctor to rule out any other underlying medical condition, before assuming that your baby has colic.